15 Top Khatu Shyam Bhajan

This is very true that you can’t list top Khatu Shyam Bhajan in just 15 Songs. You will need 15 lakh Songs list. But i have tried to accumulate this list of 15 Top Khatu Shyam Bhajans. There may be so many views. If you think we are missing some great bhajans, then please do let us know. So that we can incorporate them into this list.

15 Top Khatu Shyam Bhajan

1. Bhagat ke vash Mei hai bhagwan by Jai Shankar Chaudhury

2. Haare Ka Tu hai by Sanju Sharma

3. Aaja Mere Kanhaiya by Sanjay Mittal

4. Morchadi Lehrayi re

5. Gar Zor mero Chaale

6. Gyaras Chyanan ki aayi by Sanju Sharma

7. Ek Aas Tumhari Hai By Sanjay Mittal

8. Jhaado De De Shyam by Jaya Kishori

9. Mharo Shyam Base by Lakhbir Singh Lakkha

10. Hoga Tumsa Pyara Kaun

11 Kismat Walon Ko Milta hai

12 Shyam Tumhare Khate Mei

13. Bhar De Re Shyam Jholi Bhar de

14. Har Janam mei by Manish Khemka

15. Shyam Baba ko Shringar

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