5 Things, We Miss on Diwali – Then and Now

Diwali has its own significance for many reasons. It has been in our culture from very ancient times. It Gives us joy, light and it is a symbol of Happiness and Joy. This Festival lights up our life and make us free from all evils.

It evolved during the last one decade. The rise of technology has given us more services but has taken all of us apart physically. The small things we use to do together with family had much more significance than today.

Here are the things we miss on Diwali.

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Diwali Meet

Meeting with your loved ones has always been the most beautiful memory of our life. We cherish these memories, all through our life.  Earlier we used to go to our family and friends Home on Diwali Night and visits extended till one week after Diwali.
But now, we don’t have enough time to visit our friends and family. Now we just have a phone call and thats it.

New Cloths

The new Cloths we used to get from parents on this great festival were the main attraction. We knew that on Diwali we will get lots of new cloths, as in early days we used to buy new cloths only on Diwali. Not like today, that we go to mall and purchase it all the year around. Buying once in a year was a special thing.

Foods And Sweets

Lots of sweets and delicious foods, that is the only reason why our tummy, waited through the years for this day. Mungadal ka Halwa, Motichoor Ke laddu and all other delicacies make us overjoyed. But today, we get Laddus from Haldiram, Readymade Sweets and Just it.

Diwali Fire Crackers

Photograph by Wikimedia
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Ohh!! This is the one which not only kids but also the real kid inside us likes it. We go back to our old days, when papa gets some tubri, Kali phatka, do-damma, Aalu Bom etc. for us. But we have to wait till Diwali Puja is over and after that we had a bash at fire works. Remember those days, when parents consistently saying that let the puja over and then fire the crackers. But we don’t have that much patience!!!

Diwali Messages

Earlier we used to send Diwali Greeting Cards to our loved ones through post. We had to plan it one month prior to diwali. Purchase it, decorate it and then send via post. Lots of work!!. But Today, we share diwali greetings by sending just WHATSAPP messages.
Don’t know but the enjoyment of sending cards were much greater than send whatsap messages.

we definitely miss those Days. Aren’t you?

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  1. This is very true. Even I remember the older days