7 Principles of Hanuman ji, I Followed To Become Successful In Life

Hanuman ji, as we all know, is the best devotee(bhakt) of his Boss Lord Ram. He follows Sri Ram and will do anything to impress him. He is our true role Model. So he is also termed as Hanu-Man. Hanuman ji has some characteristics to look forward. His attributes are clearly winner. If we can follow some of his principles then we can also do wonders in our life.

Let’s see them:

1. Boss is always right:

The best thing about Hanuman ji is that he just adores his Boss. He can go to any extent to serve the orders  of his Boss and to help him. He helped him in so many ways and done miracles to overcome difficulties and problems.

Hanuman praying to Ram


2. Adhere to Boss’s orders

He is always ready to serve the orders given to him by his Boss. He executes his orders at any cost and given at any time.  He never left any stone unturned and will just do the things asked to him.


3. Be Like Hanuman and apply your brain


There is a very common sentence in India “Ramdoot Hanuman Ki Tarah Ban”. What it means that when Laxman needed Sanjeevani Booty /jadi from the mountain for saving his life (who was hurt by Shakti Baan) within a short period of time, Hanuman was sent to bring that. Upon reaching there he was confused on which one to take. Then he took whole Parvat (Mountain) with him.

hanuman sanjeevani

4. Get out from adverse conditions

He can get himself out from any condition, how adverse it is. When Raavan tied him and burnt his tail, then he burnt Lanka fully with it.

Hanuman burnt lanka


5. Always Being gentle

He is gentle and always behaves like one. He never reacts to any comment. He is a true gentleman.

Hanmanji Gentle


6. Creating harmony among fellow workers

He crafts his fellow colleagues perfectly. He shows the way, how to work and always leads from the front. He maintains peace and Leads the way forward.

hanuman setu


7. Being fearless

He is fearless and never gets scared of any situation. He makes his way out from every adverse situation and always stays positive in every situation.

Hamuman fearless


8. Never marry and save your life

Lastly, the most important thing, though i not followed it but it is really important. Lead a bachelor life and never get married. As you know what happens next is purely devastating.

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Hanuman ji Marriage




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