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Viewing Sri Rama, standing assimilated in thought on the battleground, depleted by the battle, and Ravana confronting Him, appropriately ready for an experience, and approaching Sri Rama, the eminent sage Agastya, who had come in the association of divine beings to witness the experience now talked as takes after:

Rama, O relentless outfitted Sri Rama, notice to the accompanying everlasting mystery, n the manifestation of a sacred, endless, undying and inimitably favored and fantastic encomium, entitled the Aditya Hridaya, the favoring of all favors, by method of which, my kid, You will prevail over once for all Your contestants on the battleground, and which is ascertained to carry triumph, find all sins, relieve all tension and despondency once for all and delay life. 6. Love the Sun-God, the leader of the planets, who is delegated with flashes, who shows up at the skyline, who is welcomed by divine beings and lemons, and carries light.

Surely, He is the encapsulation of all divine beings and full of eminence and makes and continues with the divine beings and the devils and in addition their planets by His flashes.

Without a doubt, He is the same as Brahma and in addition Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Skanda, Prajapati, the forceful Indra, Kubera, Kala, Yama, Soma, Varuna, the Pitris, the Vasus, the Sadhyas, the Ashwins, the Maruts, Manu, Vayu, and the divine force of Fire. He constitutes made creatures, He is the life-breath, the wellspring of the times of year, the storage facility of light, a posterity of Aditi, the ancestor, the Sun-God, the courser in the sky, the nourisher, the holder of flashes, the brilliant, the bright, the One whose vigor constitutes the seed of the universe and the creator of day.

He has seven green steeds, is horde rayed, full of flashes, the destroyer of dimness, the wellspring of delight, the mitigator of enduring of His enthusiasts, the infuser of life in the inert inestimable egg, all-invading and the explanation for the creation, safeguarding and demolition of the universe. He is merry by nature, the leader of all, the bringer of day and the Teacher. An offspring of Aditi, He bears the blaze of disintegration in His womb, is rapture represented and all-encompassing, the destroyer of chilly, the master of the sky, the disperser of murkiness, an expert of the three Vedas, the sender of thick gives and the companion of water. He courses quickly along His own particular circle, conveys in Him the resolution to develop the universe and is embellished with a round of beams. He is passing, tawny and the destroyer of all. He is omniscient, all-framed, supplied with remarkable brightness, coppery, the wellspring of all evolutes, the controller of lunar houses, planets and stars, the originator of all, the shining around the mind blowing. O God, showing up in twelve shapes, hail to You!

Hail to the eastern mountain and hail to the western mountain. Hail to the ruler of hosts of illuminating presences, the ruler of the day.

Hail to the supplier of triumph, hail to the delight conceived of triumph! Hail to the God having green stallions. Hail, hail to You with many beams! Hail, hail to You, child of Aditi!

Hail to the subduer of the faculties, the valiant one! Hail to You as signified by the magical syllable Om! Hail to the awakener of the lotus! Hail to You, the savage one!

Hail to the leader of Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu! Hail to the Sun-God, the light indwelling the sunlight based sphere, the shining one, the devourer of all, showing up in the type of Rudra.

Hail to the dispeller of dimness, the destroyer of cool, the exterminator of enemies, the One whose degree is limitless, the destroyer of the dissatisfied, the God who is the leader of lights!

Hail to You, controlling the shine of refined gold, the dispeller of lack of awareness, the planner of the universe, the uprooter of haziness, amazing quality incarnate, the passerby of the planet!

The aforementioned Lord distant from everyone else really annihilates, carries into being and maintains all that has initiated existence. He transmits warm by His beams and sends showers.

Planted in made creatures, he remains conscious when they have gone to bed. Nay, He Himself is the demonstration of pouring oblations into the hallowed blaze and in addition the soil grown foods accomplished by those who pour such oblations.

Nay, He includes the divine beings and the tributes as likewise the soil grown foods of reparations. Once more, He is the Supreme Controller of exercises which are considered in all living creatures.

No single partying about the aforementioned Lord in strait, in challenges, in the woos and in addition in times of danger ends up badly, O scion of Raghu!

Adore the previously stated Lord of the universe, the worshipped of divine beings, with a concentrated personality. Mumbling this acclaim three times, one will turn out triumphant in battles. You will make short work of Ravana this minute, O relentless furnished one! Saying as much, the partied about Sage Agastya thereupon left in the same route as he had come.

Listening to this exhortation, Sri Rama, who was blessed with uncommon vigor and had a stifled personality, discovered His melancholy quickly scattered. Nay, feeling enormously charmed, He held the alleluia in His memory.

Sampling water thrice and getting cleansed, looking eagerly on the Sun and rehashing this supplication to God, the Valiant One encountered inimitable felicity. Seizing hold of His bow and altering his eyes on Ravana, the victor progressed with a perspective to achieving triumph. He stood pledged to murder Ravana with a serious and all-sided undertaking.

Savored the experience of psyche to look on Sri Rama, feeling incomparably elated on observing the pulverization of Ravana nearby, the Sun-God, standing amidst an assembly of divine beings, shouted: “Make scramble!”

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