Armaan – Khatu Shyam Bhajan by Sanjay Mittal

This is a new Khatu Shyam Bhajan by Sanjay Mittal which contains beautiful and soulful Sanjay Mittal Bhajan in mp3 Format.
Produced by Saawaria Music & Films (Rajesh Batra)
Music: Dipankar Saha

Song List
Baba jab bhi
Jeevan tera shyarn Hawale
Main Gary se kehta
Majhdharfansi naiya
Men Iaaj rakhna
Ro ro kar
Shyarn Bhajle shyarn
Turn ho harnare
Woh din kabhi

Note: Songs are not in full length and are in low quality. They are cut short. Please buy Original CD.

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