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Asaram Bapu Bhajan
asaram bapu bhajan

Asaram Bapu Bhajan

Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji ji, endearingly called ‘Bapu’, is a Self-Realized Saint from India. Pujya Bapuji preaches the existence of One Supreme Conscious in every human being; be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or anyone else. He is a popular Indian Saint.

Bapuji represents a Confluence of Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga & Karma Yoga. This website is a humble attempt to spread the Divine Message of Pujya Bapuji. Visit the links on the left to begin your Spiritual Journey Today.

India is considered the land of saints and seekers of spiritual realization. From time immemorial there has been an anxious groping after the unknown reality throughout the nation. In one way or another, efforts have been made to see God face to face. All the resources of human mind, both emotional and intellectual sides, have made efforts to obtain the sacred bliss of Atman – the peace which is beyond all material understanding. From the Vedic times till date, luminaries like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Buddha, Nanak, Sankara, RamaKrishna, Ramanuja, Vivekananda & many others incarnated in India, our country is essentially the land of saints & sages.

Child Asumal is born…
The God is inscrutable and His Leela(s) (pass-times) are even more so. When God decides to come down to make the world rise out of ignorance, He, in his compassion, assumes an embodied form; and blessed are those whom He selects as His parents. Shri Thaumal Sirumalani and his consort Mehgiba were indeed so blessed. This child incarnated in the village of Berani, district Nawabshah, Sindh state of unpartitioned India on the sixth day of Chaitra-vad, Vikram Samvat 1998. He was named Asumal.

The day Asumal was born, a merchant stopped by Shri Thaumalji’s house & said that day before all of a sudden he had a strong feeling that a great saintly child shall be born in Thaumalji’s family. Therefore he brought a swing for this special child. Many saints & needy started coming for alms to the door of the benevolent Thaumal everyday.

There was a myth in the society that a child born after three sisters brings trouble & misfortune to the family; but instead this family earned more respect, fortune & happiness.

When Asumal was three years old the spiritual teacher of their family, Shri Parasuramji Maharaj, visited their house and professed that this boy Asumal is not an ordinary child & he will be a great saint and show light of spiritualism to people living in ignorance.

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Early Childhood
As a child, Asumal was quite inclined towards religious epics. Like the parents of many other great saints Asumal’s parents were adorned with the hearts that shone with purity, nobility and great reverence to teachers and saints. Mother is always the very first teacher of a child. Asumal would listen to stories of Ramayana, Bhagavata and other scriptures from his mother. The first seed of spiritual life was sown in his life during this period.

One day mother Mehgiba dressed up Asumal in clothes embroidered with silver and gold colored thread (zari) and shining diamonds. Asumal was overwhelmed with this new dress. He kept gazing at the blanket of stars in the night and said, “O Sky! I’m not at all less than you. I’m wearing clothes embroidered with shining diamonds similar to that of yours.” Thus, right from early childhood, one could see a different positive vigor and self-confidence in Asumal’s attitude…

Asumal, started displaying glimpses of prodigious memory at the young age of three. He would often accompany his elder brother to school. Once the teacher asked the students to narrate the poem which was taught a day before, Asumal at such a young age stood up and narrated the complete poem without any mistake. Everyone was surprised.

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