Assamese Artist Gets In Trouble With Hindu Groups

akram hussain painting

Source: indiatimes.com

This image was created by An Assamese artist, Akram Hussain. His painting, interpretes Lord Krishna with his Gopis in an unusual manner, which has caused an uproar among religious groups, as expected.

He ran into trouble with this picture. The painting was displayed at Ravindra Bhavan in Guwahati’s State Art Gallery. Since then

His painting, which is a re-interpretation of Lord Krishna with his Gopis, has caused an uproar among religious groups, as expected.

A group called the Hindu Legal Cell, filed an FIR against Akram Hussain, for maligning their God and hurting their religious sentiments.

Whether such acts are necessary in our Indian Society? Is these Freedom of expression or expression of obscenity?


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