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Devi Chitalekha

Devi Chitralekha Sayings/ Vachans 

Vachans are words uttered by a guru, avatar or deity for the illumination of devotees/ bhaktas.

• Wish directly to Greatest Giver – Lord .
• Address your prayers to the power that governs the universe and all your wishes will be granted
• Don’t chase money for money’s sake.
• Do not bank on mere mortals. Place your faith in the Almighty.
• Trust the One who will never fail you.
• Refrain from criticizing those who have renounced the world for God.
• My Lord, grant me two wishes: the gift of living gracefully and art of dying with grace.
• He who bears hardships with a smile acquires the respect of others.
• The guru’s grace is the supreme antidote.
• The art of prayer is the art of living.
• Be truthful. Forgive those who wrong you
• Why be lowly when you can be great?
• Offering sincere service is the secret of acquiring all riches.
• One falls in the very ditch one digs for others.
• The true value of a gift is the thought behind the gifting.
• Cut the cords of attachment and expand the circle of love.
• To live without aim is to wander in a wilderness.
• Laughter and anger are enemies of each other.
• The brightest stars emerge out of the blackest darkness.

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