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Devon ke dev Mahadev is a Beautiful Tv Serial On Life OK, India. This is the story of Lord Shiva and Sati. Raja Daksh (Surendra Pal), who has deeply hurt Lord Shiva, arranges a “Mahayagna” where the seven sages are invited.

The serial was earlier titled “Sati”, for Star Plus, but then it was handed over to Life OK, a new channel.

Parvati becomes devastated as Mahadev chops off Vinayak’s head. She yells at Mahadev and asks him to revive Vinayak. Mahadev reminisces about the incident when he had killed Suryadev and Rishi Kashyap had cursed him to be the killer of his own son. Parvati attains an intense form and starts destroying the universe when Mahadev tells her that he cannot revive Vinayak. Mahadev fixes an elephant’s head to Vinayak’s body. Parvati becomes overwhelmed to get her son back.

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Courtesy : Life OK

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