Shabad Gurbani and Kirtan

As we know Bhajan, Shabad is for sikhs. This is very popular among the Sikhs.

“Shabad” comes from Shabd i.e.  “word”. This represents the verbal description of god. This word is taken from the holy book Guru Granth Sahib. It is also known as Gurbani Which means “Message of the teachers”.

It is believed that it is not an easy task to study Gurbani. It takes a tremendous amount of study, devotion, and meditation to understand the significance of the Gurbani. Shabad fill us with eternal joy by its very nature, as it embraces the infinite qualities of God.

There is a special performers whose daily duties are to sing the shabads; these are known as Raagis. It is a very difficult task to become a good raagi because it requires a rare combination of musical training, raw talent, years of study of the scriptures, and a high level of spiritual development.

The Shabads are basically performed in a very traditional style. Guru Granth Sahib was very particular about the raag in which it is to be sung. Basically it was sung in traditional raga of North India. The traditional shabads are also in the more classical taals, such as tintaal and ektaal.

Recently It has lost its glory because it is now performed in a very light way. Sometimes even they are not performed in raags. They use very light music such as Film music. Earlier it used to very strict to performs in raag only.

However in the last few years there has been a rising “Gurmat Sangeet” movement. This movement is regarded as Return to root.. It thrives to to reproduce the instrumentation, raags and musical styles of the period in which a piece was composed. This movement has has become now very popular throughout the field of north Indian classical music, one which extends beyond the Sikh community.

The result of the Gurmat Sangeet movement is significant. Furthermore instruments which were declining in popularity (e.g., dilruba, seni rabab, tar shehanai) are readily available in most Indian music stores, where just a few years ago they would have been considered specialty items.

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