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During the month of October and November Durga puja is celebrated all over the world, specially in Kolkata. Durga puja celebration is done on the occassion of Goddess Durga Killed Demons. Durga Puja Festival is regarded as a victory of Good over Evil.


Durga Puja starts with Mahalaya and continues for 9 days which is also known as Navrate.


Durga Puja Dates 2012, 2013 and 2014

In 2012 Durga Puja dates are – October 20-24

In 2013 Durga Puja dates are– October 9-13.

In 2014 Durga Puja dates are– September 30 – October 4.


Agamani song of Durga ( Bengali folk styled )


Devotional song to DURGA ( Bengali film-Sadhak KAMALAKANTA )

Separation from maa ( Agamani sangeet of DURGA )

Bangla Bhakti Geeti

durga durgati nashini

Sura Paan Korine Ami – Movie-Sadhak Ramprasad – Dhananjay. Bhattacharjya


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