Why Drinking Water can change your Lifestyle?

Importance of Drinking Lots of Water

Drinking water before sunrise and before mouth washing and teeth brushing is very useful and act like medicine.

If we drink everyday one and quarter litre of water early morning which is kept in a bronze utensil for whole night is very useful and effective in preventing so many diseases. Drunken water clean the integral part of body i.e. stomach and kidney completely as entire toxic material of inside body flown out from the body through wet and nuisance. Body is fully energized and radiant (healthy, Glowing) when the infected toxic material from body is flown outside.

Those who consume toxic commodities such as tobacco, bidi, cigarette, hemp drugs (ganza, grass) and wine and also to those who are having constipation problem, consuming (drinking) morning water is very useful to kill the ill effect of the above toxic commodities and prevent from the dangerous diseases like stomach and kidney problem.

Drinking Water
Drinking Water

Those who are addicted to any intoxication, they should consume lemon water (Citrus) by mixing fennel seed (Saunf,) thyme (Ajwayeen) and salt which kill away and if not fully at least reduce the ill effect (toxic effect) and prevent our body from the unwanted severe diseases like stomach, kidney etc attacked our body due to our chronic and toxic drinking habits.

As per Ayurveda if we consume/drink water daily after chewing 5-5 Basil leaves after sunrise, we can prevent and save our body from the dreaded disease like Cancer. Further if we consume (drink) water regularly in the morning, we get lots of benefits and very useful for our body to prevents and controls the following diseases:

Wrinkle on Skin, Headache, Paralysis (Lakwa), Obesity (Motapa), High and Low Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Faint, Cough (Khansee), Asthama, tuberculosis (Tapedic, Khshay Rog, TB), Diabetes (Madhumeh), Appendicitis (Pathari) and all other disease related to Kidney, various types of fever, Nail-acne (Keel Muhase-Pimples), Pock-boils (Phunsi Phode), Vata, Bile and cough related various diseases, Loss of Energy, Women’s Monthly Course and diseases related to their stomach, Uterus and all other body organ’s Cancer, Acidity, Constipation, Indigestion, appetite loss, development of body, both mental and physical is reduced and stopped, Hemorrhoids (Bawasir), Body swelling, Joint Pain and Arthritis etc.

If we drink lukewarm water containing one table spoon honey and one piece lemon in the morning every day, our obesity will be drastically reduced and we can maintain our slim and slender body and there will be a glow to the face. Indeed drinking water early in the morning every day as stated above prevent our body from so many diseases and complications and therefore is a great and miraculous blessings of nature our God. JAL HI JEEWAN HAI

Author: Shambhu Nath Drolia

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