Baba Gangaram Bhajan

Whenever devil activities intensify, God to be true to his vow, appears in human form. God has to incarnate to bless all the righteous living beings and to show the right path to the mankind. The time and place for His incarnation is regulated according to the intensity of circumstances. For protection of pious and elimination of evilminds, He selects time, place and also the receipient of His human body, just as Lord Rama selected the Raghu dynasty of Ayodhya and the supreme God Sri Krishna, Yadu dynasty of Brijbhumi.

Baba Gangaram’s Appearance and Place for His Spiritual Actions:

Lord Baba Gangaram selected Jhunjhunu, a district town of Rajasthan, as the place of His appearance and Safdargunj, in the district of Barabanki of Uttar Pradesh as His Karmabhumi (Place for Selfless Action).

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Hence, in the year 1938 A.D., Baba relinquished His human body beneath a banyan tree on the bank of river Kalyani and ascended to his own abode at Vishnulok. Safdargunj, now recognized as a place of pilgrimage, have the temple of Radhakrishna, consecrated by Baba, holy river Kalyani, holy Laxmi-well, dedicated Banyan tree, temple of Kunteswar Mahadeo and the mysterious Parijat tree.

Evolution of Baba Gangaram’s Dham: Shree Panchdeo Mandir

baba gangaram Just after Baba left for Vishnulok, the incidental miracles began to appear before His devotees. Ultimately, His divine ordain to construct a temple revealed before His devoted son Sri Deokinandan through dreams, which is transcribed hereafter on the basis of his own admission.

“A supernatural cosmic ray was prevailing on all sides and many people were standing around a pit. At my request, the pit was excavated and out came the idols of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Godesses Durga and Laxmi and then appeared the idol of Lord Baba Gangaram. Thereafter with endless cosmic rays glittering all round, the throne, with the idols, started ascending slowly. Showers of flower from heaven together with recitals of hymns, praying Baba, illuminated the horizon. Immediately thereafter an oracle flashed – “I have descended in this Kaliyug for the bliss of the universe. Let a temple be constructed and engage your mind in worshipping and meditating into me, also propogate among people for larger interest of mankind.”

After this divine revelation, the mysterious temple of ‘Shree Panchdeo’ was constructed at Jhunjhunu and the invocation ceremony of the temple was celebrated with rigid Vedic rituals on Ganga Dasahara, the 10th day of light fortnight of the Jestha (Year 1975 A.D.) The idol of Lord Baba Gangaram, alongwith four other deities, was installed and as such the dream came true and the devotees visiting Shree Panchdeo Temple feel delighted in their heart, and they remained standing in obeisance before that splendid glare

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