Great Juthika Roy Bhajans

Juthika Roy was a Stalwart Bhajan Singer of all time and she will continue to stay in our mind forever with her mind blowing Bhajans. Be it “Ghunghat ke pat khol” or “Chakar Rakho ji”, She will always remain in our mind and heart with her soulful voice and spiritual attraction.

Juthika began singing at a very tender age of 7 and at an age of 13, she recorded her first Album. Within a very short span of time she became a household name. In her Fan list she had some very big names like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar lal Nehru, Kaji Nazrul Islam and Sarojini Naidu. She has given Bhakti sangeet a new dimension by bringing Bhajans, in front of general people by getting it out of Temples in the form of Classical Concert.
She was very simple living draped in White Saris and her interactions with her fans and friends were also very warm. She has a very warm Appearance.

Juthika Roy Bhajan
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Juthika’s Meera Bhajans were very popular among all class of peoples and that gave her a top spot in the Music Industry. People all over loomed over Gramophone to listen her voice. According to Padmaja Punde, her singing was beyond the boundaries of life and religion. Her voice has no Bengali intonation.

The most important day in her life was the day on which she learnt that Mahatma Gandhi Listens her Bhajans every day in Pune Jail and also starts he daily prayer with her disc.

One more big milestone for her came when she was singing on All India Radio while Jawahar Lal Nehru took Motor car from Teen Murti Bhavan to the Red Fort on 5th August 1947. One Officer came to her and told that there was a request from Nehru ji to continue her singing till he reach Red Fort and hoisted Tiranga of Free India. She was honoured with Padmashree in 1982.

On February 5, 2014, Kolkata, she left us in deep sorrow, as she passed away at an age of 94 in Kolkata.She will always stay in our Heart forever.

Here are some beautiful Bhajans by Juthika Roy

Ghunghat Ke pat Khol


Tulsi Meera Soor Kabir

Jogi Mat Ja Mat Ja – A Meera Bai Juthika Roy Bhajan.

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