Hamsar Hayat Sai Baba Bhajan

Hamsar Hayat Sai Bhajan
Hamsar Hayat Sai Baba Bhajan

Here is a beautiful collection of Hamsar Hayat Sai Baba Bhajan. Hamsar Hayat is a very popular Sai Bhajan Singer from India. He was born in Delhi on 6th Aug 1970. Since his childhood he was inclined towards Sufi as his ancestors from Sikandra Gharana were singing these since 700 years ago.

He also Sang for some Bollywood films. He sang for Tathastu by Vishal Shekhar and the song was Allah-O-Ali.

Humsar Hayat has sung so many Sai Bhajans, of which most popular are:

Deewana Tera aaya by Hamsar Hayat

Sai Bhagwan hai Mera

Banda Garib hai by Hamsar Hayat

Sai ka Deedar Ho Jaye

More Sai Baba Bhajan:

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