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About Hemant Chauhan

When anybody talks about Bhajan then one name that directly struck in our mind is Hemant Chauhan. The Famous Gujrati Bhajan Singer. His bhajans are immortal and always sounds in our ear as a very smooth and Vibrant.
His genre includes Garba Songs, religious Songs and also Folk songs. He is also considered as the best Sugam Sangeet Singer. Hemant Chauhan cut many Bhajan Albums and songs including very popular Pankhida o Pankhida. For his contribution to Folk Industry of Gujarat, he received Academi Ratna Award in the year 2011.
His Music and voice directly hits heart of Bhajan lovers especially Gujarati Bhajan Lovers, which makes them enter into a spiritual world of god. He is blessed with a silky voice and has a very charming personality who interacts with his fans very gently and warm. Hemant Chauhan has performed in thousands of Bhajan Programs including many world tour.
Some of his Popular Bhajans

Pankhida O Pankhida

Om Namah Shivay-shiv Dhun

Om Sai Mangalam Sai Naam Mangalam [Full Song] – Sai Mangalam Sai Naam Mangalam

Shriman Narayana (By Golden voice of Hemant Chauhan) ( Traditional Dhun )

Laher Lagi Bhajan Ni – Hemant Chauhan – Gujarati Bhajan

Tare Revu Bhada Na Makan Ma [Full Song] Bhajan Chetavni

Gujarati Bhajan – Sacha Satsangma Re – Dhun Machavo – Devotional Songs

Hemant Chauhan – Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo

Mara Ghat Ma Birajta Shreenathji | Hemant Chauhan

Hemant Chauhan Gujrati Bhajan – Sacha Satsangma Re – Dhun Machavo

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