Why Krishna and Radha Got Married?

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How Radha Krishna love transformed into marriage? There are so many controversies surrounding relationship between Shree Radha Krishna Love. Most of the researchers and people think that Radha Krishna was not married. They are just good friends and are in love with each other. The story of lord sri Krishna has several things to know and learn about.

Radha Krishna name is always chanted together with Radha in the beginning as “Radhe Krishna”. If they are not married than why their names are being taken together? There is a very popular bhajan Bol radha bol galat kaam kaise ho gaya, bina shaadi kiye Radhe Shyam kaise ho gaya”.

This is a very common question which comes to everyone’s mind. So do you really think they are not married? Did Shree Radha Krishna Love transformed into marriage?

Is Krishna really married to Radha?

There are so many theories revolving around Radha Krishna. But Garga Samhita (“The narrations of Garga”) is a book written by the sage Garga and deals with the life ofKrishna, has something else to tell to the whole world.

According to Garga Samhita, Lord Krishna got married to Radha, when he was an infant. Garga Samhita clearly defines how Lord Krishna and Radha tied together. Sage Garga describes through Sanskrit Shloka, how their marriage has happened. He also describes that Lord Brahma himself has performed all the rituals of Marriage by chanting Mantras. Lord Brahma has given Kanyadan of Radha to Krishna.

He was just an infant during at the time this marriage happenned. For this marriage, Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, transformed himself as a teen-age youth, splendid as a dark cloud, dressed in yellow garments, decorated with the Kaustubha gem, holding a flute, and more enchanting than a great host of Kamadevas.

Radha has a fair complexion and splendid as millions of moons, She was dressed in blue garments with anklets and ankle bells that tinkled sweetly. She wore bracelets and a tinkling belt, a necklace, a nose-pearl, anklets, a necklace-jewel, and earrings.

The Shloka of Garga Samhita read as below:

sa vahayam asa harim ca radhikam

     pradakshinam sapta-hiranya-retasah 

tatash ca tau tam pranamayya veda-vit 

     tau paöhayam asa ca sapta-mantrakam

It means:

Brahma performed the wedding-ceremony of Lord Hari and Shri Radhika. He had them circumambulate the sacred fire and bow down before it, and then Brahma, the knower of the Vedas, recited the seven mantras. He performed all the things required to complete a marriage. When Krishna asked him about Dakshina, lord Brahma told “O Lord, as dakshina please give me devotion for your Lotus feet.”

Lord Krishna Replied “So be it”; Brahma then placed his head at the beautiful and auspicious feet of Lord Hari and Shri Radhika. Brahma ji went back to there home after this.

Lord Krishna and Radha then enjoyed themselves in that forest. They played small pranks among themselves. After some times lord Krishna again went back to his original form as an infant. Radha ji then lamented and told Krishna that why he did this to her.

In this way Radha ji and Krishna got married. This was not recorded by anyone except Brahmaji, birds, animals, trees and forest.

Source: Garga Samhita

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