Bhagat Ke Vash mein Hai Bhagwan by Jaya Kishori

bhagat ke vash mein hai bhagwan

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This Bhajan by Jaya Kishori ji is a very famous song Bhagat Ke vash mein hai Bhagwan. This one is regarded as a true story of a Indian Aged woman who was in deep love with his Krishna Idol.

She treated that idol as his child. She bought it from Vrindavan when she visited there. She take all care of this Idol by bathing him, Cleaning him and Offering Bhog. She maintains her all daily routine related to Krishna Idol.

One Day, she became ill and ask her daughter-in-law to take care of Krishna and do his all day to day work. Daughter-in-law became upset and started cleaning of Idol. Accidentally, Idol falls from her hand to the ground. Then the old woman ask her what happened, but she replied with nothing happened.

But old woman became very nervous and started crying. She asked her son to call doctor and check Krishna. Listening to this they became upset but went to call doctor. No Doctor was ready visit an idol. But sons offered more money so on of them agreed.

Doctor came and checked Krishna and uttered that everything is all right. But she said him to check with his stethoscope. He became angry and checked with that. As soon as he put that into idol’s chest, he was shocked. He found a heart Beat sound. He immediately folded his stethoscope and told that woman that this is a miracle. A heart is beating inside that Idol.

This Jaya Kishori Ji Bhajan is really very  well sung by her. Download this file from the link given above.


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