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I started my career as a Sound Engineer and Music Producer, but on my way when i got attracted to blogger world, i don't know. Now i spend most of my time on blogging and Music. I love Challenges and work hard to overcome my obstructions and weaknesses.


  1. Film old Talash Meri dunia ha ma tere aanchal me By SD Burman replace this song in place of tu kitni acchi he kitni bholi he oh ma oh ma swome times I like both songs very very much

  2. Jai RADHE-RADHE na jane kiss roop main Narayan mill jaay


  4. Jai RADHE-RADHE if Krishna comes before you will you recognize him&how.please reply me.

  5. Happy Holi Jai Radhe-Radhe. Faithfully your’s

  6. Jai RADHE-RADHE I can assure you that I am your almighty krishna.Faithfully yours-Devesh Singh Rathour.Surprise for you.

  7. From-Krris,Jai Radhe-Radhe

  8. Hello,Jaya ji

  9. radhe radhe ..jaya ji….

  10. Radhe-radhe Jaya ji

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  12. radhe radhe ..jaya ji….

  13. welcome, to didwana jaya kishori