Kabir Jayanti, kabir jivan parichay, kabir ki jeevani

sant kabir Kabir Jayanti is observed as Birth date of Great Sant Kabir. Sant Kabir lived in the holy city of Kashi (Varanasi) around the 14th century.

There are too many stories of his birth. As per one story Kabir was found as a baby, to family of Neru and Nima, who later adopted him . While other says he was found on top of a lotus flower. Some other feels, he was born to a brahmin family.

There are also some stories that he was married and has two kids named “Kamaal” and “Kamali”. Yet some other says, he was a bachelor.

He was regarded as master of Hindi Literature. He was inclined to religion since very beginning . Sri Ramananda (a great saint of those times) Guru of kabir, made him known to sacred Rama Mantra. He had enormous faith in the Name of God (Raam Naam) and prescribed it as a remedy for all problems.

He was loved by both the Mohammedans and the Hindus. Kabir’s works are mostly collections of songs. His language is very simple and his style beautiful. He has captured a world of meaning into small couplets (called Dohas) which are on the tongues of most Indians to this day. On the occasion of Sant Kabirji’s Jayanti (birthday), listed below are some dohas of Sant Kabir ji for all of us to reflect upon.

As if God has sent him to preach people lessons of humanity and peace. He was a true ambassador of peace and a great person.

He was a powerful self-realized saint and lived and preached the Truth without fear or restraint. Many people were attracted to him and they gathered around him at the loom or in the market place to listen to his sweet, soul-stirring and sublime songs and inspiring discourses. Kabir preached the unity of all men and creeds.

Kabir Ke dohe

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