Khandoba Temple of Jejuri

Khandoba Jejuri Temple, situated in Maharashtra and located 38-km from Pune, is a very Popular Shrine of Hindus. Lord Khandoba is known to be as Incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Shiva.

However, the deity is known by various names like Malhari, Malhari, Mailar, Martand, Mhalsakant, Ravalnath, Yelkoti Mahadev and is widely popular in Maharashtra as well as Karnatak

Legends of Khandoba Jejuri

Martanda Bhairav,

Khandoba Temple JejuriIt is believed that Demons Malla and Mani gained boon from Lord Brahma that no one except a Human shall kill them. After getting this boom they harassed all sages and peoples of Earth at one time. Then Seven Sages approached Lord Shiva to protect everyone from Malla and Mani. Then Lord Shiva assumed the form of Martanda popularly known as Martanda Bhairav. Devi Parvati has also taken birth as Mhalsa and Ganga as Banai.

Demon Malla and Mani has always tried to control Lord Kali through their Tantra-Mantra. They have even controlled her once.

It is also believed that Mhalsa was the daughter of a certain grocer Timmasheti of Nevasa. She was born on the full moon day of Magha and was married to the god on the full moon day of Pausha.

Mhalsa’s Father was killed by Malla. So to take revenge of her fathers death she was very furious. Then Martand Bhairav met Mhalsa and there took place a long battle in Khandoba between Malla-Mani and Martanda ant others. There Mhalsa who is incarnation of Parvati get into Maa Kali’s Look to Save Maala and Swallowed Lord Shiva. Which made a chaos in whole earth. After so many prayers from Lord Vishnu and others Maa Kali relieves Lord Shiva and hence whole worls is also relieved by this and finally Malla-Mani is killed by Martanda.

Since then the people of Khandoba praised Lord Martanda as their god

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