Krishna Bhajan by Vinod Agarwal

Krishna Bhajan by Vinod Agarwal Krishna Bhajan by Vinod Agarwal is a real treat to listen. His rendition of shri krishna bhajans are really heart touching. He makes the bhajan reach straight into our heart with lot of emotions and enthusiasm. He sings bhajan with bhava (True emotions towards Divine god and spiritual diety) Whenever vinod Agarwal sing bhajan, he gets totally devoted into it. He generates a true divine feelings in the heart the listeners also. Watching his video songs, it feels like the spiritual energy or the grace of God or Krishna is present nearby us.

Vinod ji had finished his schooling and concentrated on his want to sing the praise of God with full devotion and Bhakti. People listening to him experience a great spark in the young boy who could bring the divine aura with his melodious Bhajans and Kirtans. Non stop he sang Radha Madhav kirtans on Janmashtami as well as other festivals like shivratri. After those sessions he got immense confidence and it gave him stamina to conduct uninterrupted long Sankirtan programmes. His Guruji, Late Shri Mukund Hari ji Maharaj of Bhatinda, Punjab also known as Sankirtan Samrat, a well known writer in Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi.


Vinod ji took Diksha from his Guru in 1979. He believes his Guru’s Blessings bestowed on him on its own and he didn’t have to search for his Guru. It was his Guru’s deep desire and wish that he would spread Hari Naam Sankirtan all over the world. Making this his aim he started visiting cities, towns, villages different parts of India by conducting direct live programmes since 1995 without charging any fees. He believes firmly that all his success is due to the blessings of his Guru.


He change the tempo and rhythm of the song in a very natural way. Narrating the meanings or lyrics or telling a story of Krishna concerning the lyrics. Non stop Radha Madhav Kirtan on Hindu religious festivals like Krishna Janmashtami, Shivratri etc. is another specialization of Vinod Agrawalji. He conducts uninterrupted long sankirtan programs on Hindu religious festivals. Vinod Agarwal bhajans mp3

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