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Here we have presented Beautiful Collection of Krishna Bhajans.

Lord Krishna Bhajan are always soothing to the ears and bring joy to life. Krishna bhajan have many interesting topics in it. Some krishna bhajan are for gopi, while some are for friends like sudama, some for mother yashoda while some for mahabharata. Bhajan Radio presents Latest online hindi bhajan, Radha krishna bhajan.

The Vedas say Lord Krishna is the original person, but that He always appears young and attractive. He knows everything, He contains all of reality, and all other living beings are His inseparable parts. He is the all-powerful, supreme controller of all energies. He is known by different names in different cultures (such as God, Allah, and Jehovah, for example).

His name is always  taken as Radha Krishna. Sometimes Krishna sends His representatives—as saints, prophets, or His sons—to teach humankind about Him, and sometimes He comes Himself, as He did approximately 3000 B.C. He spoke the spiritual and philosophical teachings known as the Bhagavad-gita, which explains the essence of our spiritual identity and our relationship with God.

Krishna is the Supreme Person, the Godhead.

Krishna is the speaker of the Bhagavad-gita, recognized throughout the world as one of mankind’s greatest books of wisdom. In the Gita, as it is also known, Krishna says repeatedly that He is God Himself, the source of everything.

Arjuna, to whom Krishna is speaking, accepts Krishna’s words as true, adding that the greatest spiritual authorities of that time also confirm that Krishna is God. Traditions that follow in the line of these authorities have carried Krishna’s teachings down to the present day.

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Krishna Bhajan

Aaja Manmohan Jaya Kishori Krishna Bhajan
Sankirtan Jaya Kishori
Meri Lagi shyam sang preet Jaya Kishori
Braj Dhara Shriniwas Sharma Krishna Bhajan
Jape tera naam Kamlesh Deepak Drolia
Krishna Bhajan Satyajit Jain Krishna Bhajan
Jugal Jodi Pyari Shriniwas Sharma Krishna Bhajan
Krishna Bhajan Satyanaran Parekh



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