Kalki Purana: Its Evolution And Lord Kalki Avatar Story

It is believed that, Kalki Avtar is the tenth and last avatar Lord Vishnu’s Dashavatara (The Ten Avatar). Lord Vishnu is a legend in Indian Mythology.

Everone has this question that when will Bhagwan Kalki will come to earth. I can’t give you the correct answer but can help you with certain information as we know from Kalki Purana. I may be wrong somewhere but tried to give a summary of it. If i am wrong anywhere please let me know.

Vishnu Dasavatara

Vishnu’s Dashavatara: (from left)

  1. Matsya,
  2. Kurma,
  3. Varaha,
  4. Narasimha,
  5. Vamana,
  6. Parashurama,
  7. Rama,
  8. Krishna,
  9. Buddha
  10. and Kalki.

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Dashavtar- Illustrated story – Kalki Avatar…The Warrior Incarnation

What will happen in Kaliyuga?

Kalki bhagwan is believed to take birth during Kaliyuga, when:

  • There will be disparity among people;
  • There will be corruption all over;
  • Everyone will be willing to ditch other;
  • There will be no humanity left;
  • There will be no ethics among human beings;
  • Meat and fish will be their main food;
  • There will be extinction of god’s creatures;
  • There will be floods, Earthquakes and other natural calamities all around;
  • When money will be the only guiding factor.
  • When truth will somewhat lose its importance.

At this time, lord Kalki will take birth to free Mother Earth from all the evils of Kaliyuga. Truth will again prevail and there will be harmony all over again as Satyuga.

It is believed that we are into the first part of Kaliyug. In this too, more than 5095 years has been passed. Kaliyug will prevail for 4,32,000 years. In this regard, there is still more than 4,26,900 years left for Bhagwan Kalki to take birth.

During this period, people will be unable to understand Logical Feeling and conversations. They will be less understandable and dull. They would be unable to taught anything with regards to philosophy of life and how to live in this world. It will be harder for them to understand, how to live in this world.

In this context, Lord Kalki will not come to teach them about life but to punish them and cleanse the Planet Earth.

Kalki Bhagwan
Jnanaranjan sahu

What is Kalki Purana?

The central character of the Kalki Purana is the tenth avatar of Vishnu, mostly referred to as ‘Kalki’. The etymology of this name is by no means clear. According to Norman “the name Kalki is derived from Kalka and would mean “the destroyer of what is foul’.

Kalki Purana is being counted as sub-Purana. According to Kalyan, a Hindi Magazine, there are 27 Purana.

Like Harivansh Purana, Mahabharat, Brihannaradiya Purana, Naarad Purana,

It is mentioned in Kalki Purana that Kalki will be born to mother Sumati and father Vishnuyash in village Sambhal. It is said in Kalki Purana that kalki has 3 brothers.

If we go by current geographical structure, Sambhal is situated in Moradabad District of Uttar Pradesh in India.

The Kalki Purana is a prophetic work of Sage Vyas ji.  He wrote 18 Purana and asked Suta, his disciple, to preach these to the whole world.

As per Vishnu Purana, Sage Vyas gave all Puranas to his disciple “Lomharshan” popularly known as Sage Suta.

As described, in a place called Nemisharanya, upon asking by Sage Shaunak, Sage Suta narrated the Kalki Purana in presence of 88000 Sages.

All sages asked him to tell Kalki Avatar story.

Everyone asked him:

  • Who is ‘Kali’?
  • Where he is born?
  • How did he conquer whole world?
  • How can he be destroyed?
Kalki Bh

Sage Suta told them that Lord Vishnu will take his 10th Avatar or birth in Kaliyuga, at a place called Sambala, to free the world from all evils and and will prevails truth in whole world.

As per Suta, this story has been told by Lord Brahma to Naarad ji.

Narad ji then told it to Sage Vyas. And Vyas ji told this to his son Sukdev.

Sukdevji told this, to the son of Abhimanyu, Parikshit. But after seven days only, he died and then Sage Shukdev ji completed this story at Punyashram.

Suta attended that day and listend to whole Purana.

The story which Suta narrated to these sages is known as “Kalki Purana”.

What is there in Kalki Purana

Kalki Purana has been divided into 35 Chapters, which has been divided into three parts.

1st part contains 7 chapters and 284 Shlokas,

which tell about the evolution of ‘Kali’.

Birth story of Kali is bit complicated. It goes like this:

Lord Brahma has generated Adharm from his back. Adharm with his wife Mithya, gave birth to son Dambh and daughter Maya.

Dambh and Maya also had son Lobh and Daughter Nikriti.

Then Lobh and Nikriti gave birth to son Krodh.

Krodh had Hinsa as her daughter.

Hinsa and Krodh then gave birth to “Kali”

Kali had a niece named Durukti. He produced Son Bhay and Daughter Mrityu from Durukti.

Mrityu and Bhay gave birth to Niray and daughter Yaatna. Yaatna and Niray gave birth to thousands of childrens.

This way Kali has so many grand childrens who spread evil in the world.

2nd part contains 7 chapters and 302 Shlokas

In this section of Kalki Purana, it is depicted that how Bhagwan Kalki goes to Singhal and marries Padma Ji. After marrying Padma ji, they went to Sambhal to live their married life. It’s stated here that they will have two childrens.

Also in this part it is mentioned that how Ruler of Magadh, a Buddha Follower lose battle.

3rd part contains 21 chapters and 284 Shlokas

This part consists of 21 Chapters, Devil Nikumbh and his daughter Kuthodri’s name has been mentioned along with how they were killed.

Afterwards, Lord Ram’s life has been portrayed. Along with this story of Raja maru and Ruler Devapi has been told.

This also depicts how Kali was killed.

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Characteristics of Kaliyug

It is mentioned in Kalki Purana, that kaliyug will have following characteristics:

  1. Everyone will spend their most time by eating food,
  2. Everyone will be remain busy in Sexual activities mostly,
  3. During early Kalyug everyone will point out fingers at the character of Krishna,
  4. In 2nd Part of Kalyug people will not even take name of god,
  5. During 3rd part there will hybrid form of people
  6. And during the 4th part, all people will be of same caste and there will be no one to take name of almighty god.

Takeways from Kalki Purana

Kalki Purana mentions some very powerful mantra and ways to help people to get victory over evil. We can get following benefits if we perform as mentioned here:

  1. In 1st chapter of 1st Part, the dynasty of Kali is mentioned. If anyone can just remember it, he will be saved from kaliyuga’s effect.
  2. In 3rd chapter of 1st Part, Stotra of Lord Vilvodkeshwar is there, performed by Lord Kalki. This Stotra can lead to benefits.
  3. In 1st chapter of 2nd Part, method of worshipping of whole body of Lord Vishnu has been mentioned. This has been done by Padma, wife of Kalki Bhagwan.
  4. In 3rd chapter of 2nd Part, description of Lord Vishnu’s Dasavatara has been mentioned.
  5. In 3rd chapter of 3rd Part, Depiction of Lord Ram’s life has been done by Raja Maru.
  6. In 13th Capter, Krishna’s life has been depicted.

Shri Kalki Avatar has also been mentioned in many Hindu scriptures such a:

  • Mahabharat
  • Shrimad Bhagvat
  • Bhavishya Purana
  • Brahmavaivart Purana, Prakriti Khand
  • Vishnu Purana
  • Agni Purana
  • Garudh Purana
  • Vishnudharmottar Purana
  • Thomas Cambell, Pleasure of Hope, 1799.

Kalki Horse Devdutta The Srimad-Bhagavatam describes Lord Kalki’s activities as follows:

Lord Kalki as the Lord of the universe. He will mount oh his white Horse Devadutta. He will have sword in his hand. He will visit the whole world, presenting the world the sight of his Eight mystic opulences and special qualities of Godhead. He will kill all those thieves who have dared to dress as Kings.

As the Vedic literature, when the Supreme power kills anyone, that person’s soul will be immediately purified by the mere touch of the Supreme power himself.

So being killed by the supreme abode is regarded as a great wisdom. They will be freed from the life and death cycle of universe and will attain the “Moksha”.

The Vishnu Purana (Book Four, Chapter 24) says that he will destroy all malecchas and thieves who will be devoted to inequity. He will take birth to re-establish trueness into the world and the people who will be there at the end of the Kaliyuga shall be as clear as crystal. The man who are changed by this, will be the seeds of human beings, and shall be responsible to bring a new race, who will follow the laws of Krita yuga (Satyuga), tha age when there only truth prevails.

As it is said, ‘When the sun and moon, and the lunar asterism Tishya, and the planet Jupiter, are in one mansion, the Krita age shall return.'” The Agni Purana (16.10) also relates that Hari, after giving up the form of Kalki, will go to heaven. Then the Krita or Satya-yuga will return as before.


Popular Temples (Mandir) of Lord Kalki.

  • Shri Kalki Vishnu Mandir, Ajmeri Gate Delhi
  • Shri Kalki Bhagwan ISKcon Mandir, New Delhi
  • Shri Kalki Mandir, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Shri Kalki Vishnu Mandir, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • Shri Kalki Vishnu Mandir, Sambhal
  • Shri Kalki Mandir, Hrishikesh, Uttaranchal
  • Shri Kalki Narayan Mandir, Cuttack, Orissa
  • Shri Kalki Narayan Mandir, Howrah, West Bengal
  • Shri Kalki Narayan Mandir, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Sambhalpuri Kalki Tirthdham, Kathmandu, Nepal

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The Kalki Avatar

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