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Amala Yoga Studio


Address Phone: 5553606355 / Email: amalayoga@yahoo.com.mx
Website www.amalayogastudio.com | Enlaces Yoga
Description Where the care you receive is personalized. An environment free of competition and pressure, the goal is yours, we will help you develop it. Amala Yoga Studio is created to share your knowledge with us and develop a better quality of life every day begins again, adding more positive energy to your own universe.


Centro NAAM (Naam Yoga México)


Address Av. De La Paz 57 -30, Col. San Angel, C.P. 01000,México City
Contact Phone: (52)(55) 4333 2223 / Email: info [at] naamyoga.com.mx
Website www.naamyoga.com.mx | Enlaces Yoga
Description Naam Yoga is a unique merging and refining of the world’s most powerful esoteric traditions. It is a spiritual science and art that merges the crowning yoga practices of the East with the unparalleled esoteric tradition of the West, which is Universal Kabbalah. The result is the most powerful distillation of the world’s major teachings. Naam Yoga is the return to One. It is the universal key for maximum spiritual evolution.

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