Narak Chaturdashi Date – 2nd of November 2013, Saturday

This is celebrated as symbol of Victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasur, A Devil. He is believed to be a very Cruel King.

During the 4th day of Kartik Krishna Paksha as per hindu Calender, Narak Chaturdashi is observed. It is also known as Choti Dipavali.  On this day, it is believed that Satyabhama has killed Narkasur with the help of Lord Krishna.

Rising early and applying oil and turmeric powder on body, with bath is regarded as holy. Visiting to Krishna or Vishnu Temple is also regarded as holy.

Food and naivedya are offered to god. Its believed that it makes our soul free from Narak, i.e. hell.As per Popular Hindu Belief:

NARAK CHATURDASHI Raja Narakasur during a war with Indra captured 16000 daughters of devta and Saints. When Satyabhama knew this, she was very angry. She asked Krishna to let her allow to kill Narakasur. Then with the help of Krishna as sarathi, she killed Narakasur.

Krishna then Married those 16000 dauthers to save their pride. Krishna was then stinking due to blood of Narakasur. His wifes then made her bath with good smelling water.

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