Philosophy of Rudra Abhishek

“Alankarapriyo Vishnuh, Abhishekapriyah Sivah”
Bhagwan Vishnu (Narayan) is very fond of Alankara (fine dress, beautiful ornaments, etc.) and Bhagwan Shankar (Bhole Nath) Shiv is fond of Abhishek.”

In Bhagwan Shiv’s temples, copper or brass pot with full of water and a hole in the centre is kept hanging over the idol or Linga of Shiv, and water is falling on the idol throughout day and night. Bucketing over the Shiv Linga, is Abhishek. Abhishek which is called Rudra Abhisekh too is done with water, milk, ghee, curd, honey, cocoanut water, Panchamrita, etc., for Lord Siva. Rudra is mantra along with the Abhishek. Bhagwan shiv is propitiated by Abhisheka.

Bhagwan Shiv drank the poison that emanate from the ocean during samundra manthan and wore the Ganga and Moon on His head to cool His head. He has the fiery third eye. Constant Abhishek cools this eye.

Abhishek is done by pouring the waters of pure love on the Atma Linga of the lotus of the heart which is the greatest and highest Abhishek. The external Abhishek with various objects help the growth of devotion and adoration for Bhagwan Shankar and eventually lead to internal Abhishek with pure abundant flow of love.

Abhishek is a part of Shiv Puja and without Abhishek, worship of Shiv is incomplete. During Abhishek Rudra, Purushasukta, Chamaka, Maha-mrityunjaya Japa, etc., are chanted in a particular rhythm and order. Monday is very important day for Bhagwan Shankar and the thirteenth day of the fortnight (Pradosha) is very sacred. On these days, devotees of Shiv worship Him with special Puja, Abhishek with Ekadasa-Rudra, Archana, offering plenty of Prasad, and illumination.

In Ekadas-Rudra Abhishek, every Rudra is chanted with distinctive articles for Abhishek. Ganga water, milk, ghee, honey, rose-water, cocoanut water, sandal paste, Panchamrita, scented oil, sugarcane juice and lime juice are made use of for Abhishek. After every Abhishek, pure water is poured over the head of Shiv linga. When Rudra is repeated once, the different articles of Abhishek are made use of after every stanza of the Rudra. The Abhishek water or other articles used for Abhishek are considered very sacred and bestow immense benefits on the devotees who take it as the Bhagwan’s Prasad. It purifies the heart and destroys countless sins. Everyone must take it with intense Bhava and faith.

When we do Abhishek with Bhava and devotion, our mind is concentrated, our heart is filled with the image of the Shiv and divine thoughts we forget our body and its relation and surroundings our egoism gradually vanishes and When there is forgetfulness, we begin to enjoy and taste the eternal bliss of Bhagwan Shiv. Recitation of Rudra or Om Namassivaya purifies our mind and fills it with Sattva.

If you do Abhisheka with Rudrapatha in the name of a person suffering from any disease he will be soon freed from that disease. Incurable diseases are cured by Abhisheka. Abhisheka bestows health, wealth, prosperity, progeny, etc. Abhisheka on Monday is most auspicious.

By offering Panchamrita, honey, milk, etc., to the Shiv, thoughts of our body diminish, selfishness slowly vanishes we derive immense joy, we begin to increase our offerings unto the Bhagwan Shiv.

Kannappa Nayanar in South India, a hunter, was a great devotee of Bhagwan Shiv did Abhishek with the water in his mouth for the Linga at Kalahasti and propitiated Shiv. Bhagwan Shiv was pleased by his holi bhav and pure devotion. It is the mental Bhava that counts and not the outward show. Shiv said to the temple priest: “This water from the mouth of Kannappa, my beloved devotee, is more pure than the water of the Ganga”.

A devotee should be regular in doing Abhishek for the Bhagwan Shiv and he should get by heart Rudra and Chamakam rather Ekadasa Rudra which is more powerful and effective. Every man or woman takes a lota of water and pours it on the image of Shiv by chanting Om Parvati Pataye Namah. This causes beneficial results and brings about the fulfillment of one’s desire. Abhishek on Shivaratri day is very effective.

We all should recite Rudra path which describes the glory of Bhagwan Shankar and His manifestations in every living being, in every animate and inanimate being! Do Abhishek daily and thus obtain the grace of Bhagwan Shankar! May Lord Vishvanath bless us!

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