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Rani Sati dadi was a daughter of a Agarwal couple from Dokua in Haryana, and Narayani was her name given by her parents. Rani Sati ji was married to a Agrawal Young Man Tandhan Das in antiquity, who died in warfare. The location of her sacrifice is now marked with the memorial temple in Hissar.

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The ashes of the remains where ordered to be carried by the Sati Narayani on the horse of the groom which was the cause of war. Rana was assisting the Sati in all rituals, he was blessed that the Rana would be called before her “RANI SATI”.

The traveling horse stopped in the Middle of a Graveyard in Jhunjhunu town in Indian state of Rajasthan where the temple exist today, and as per the instruction a temple was constructed by the members of the family, she is now the family deity of the Agrawal Marwaris hailing form the town (Tulsiyans, Poddars, Jalans and Jhunjhunwalas). Rani Sati dadi was the first of thirteen Sati of the community to commit sati.

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It is believed the devi had taken birth previously as Uttara. It was then during the time of Mahabharat she wanted to give away her life and be sati after her husband (Abhimanyu) had died. However, Lord Krishna had stopped her as she was pregnant and inspired her to give birth to children. And be sati in her next birth. Lord Krishna had then given her golden knowledge about her next birth and her being Sati.

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Rani Sati Temple Jhunjhunu

ranisati temple

Rani Sati mandir is one of the most famous temples in Rajasthan. It is situated in Jhunjhunu town. It has a history of more than 400 years and is a testimony to feminine bravery and spirit which certainly captures the attention of all tourists. This temple is also famous for its magnanimous and rare paintings. It is also one of the oldest existing Indian pilgrimages.

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