Sanjay Mittal Shiv Bhajan | Hari Om namah Shivay

Sanjay Mittal  Shiv Bhajan

Sanjay Mittal Shiv Bhajan

Sanjay Mittal has an eternal bliss to his voice. He has a strong emotions in his bhajan. He can easily make you cry. He is very popular for singing Khatu Shyam Bhajan. But he also has some Shiv Bhajan Album

Song list:

1. Sanjay MittaL – Bhatak Bhatak kar
2. Sanjay MittaL – Darshan ko tere baba
3. Sanjay MittaL – Duniya se main haara
4. Sanjay MittaL – Had 0m Namah Shivay
5. Sanjay MittaL – Shankar daya hai
6. Sanjay MittaL – Sunle Damruwale
7. Sanjay MittaL – Sunle baba meri
8. Sanjay MittaL – Tere hote na Lena

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