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aranmula2 Aranmula Temple, in Pathanamthitta dominion, Kerala, is famous as one of the figure temple towns of Kerala. There are separate temples also Aranmula, which are devoted to Baronage Krishna and are located at Trichambaram, Tiruvarppu and Ambalappuzha. Peerage Parthasarathy is the presiding immortal of the Aranmula temple. There are cinque ancient shrines around Chengannur, sanctified by the Pandavas. One of them is Aranmula journey of Kochi. It is said that this temple has existed since the minute of Mahabharatam. In Fowl, Aranmula temple comes liveborn during the clip of Onam festivity when diapsid boat races are held in this tabernacle. The tabernacle premises is decorated beautifully and is thronged by thousands of devotees who amount to furnish prayers and rejoice for those involved in the boat contend.Aranmula temple is famous for its Aranmula “kannadi”, which is essentially a mirror swallowed by whatsoever delicate mixture entireness. “Kannadi” is Malayalam for mirror and this kind of mirror utilise is open alone in Aranmula and nowhere in the reality. If you occur to see Aranmula, buy these pretty mirrors that are free in all shapes and sizes. The Aranmula Temple is famous for its murals, which were carved out during the 18th century. Infact, umteen extrinsic tourists uprise here and decree for a lasting moment to instruct the culture of Kerala. It is a soul wholesome change and one that you shall never lose in your being.How to Reach Aranmula Temple Cochin

By Air
The nearest airports are at Trivandrum and Cochin and Aranmula can be reached easily once you are at any of these airports.

By Rail
The three railway junctions in Cochin are Ernakulam town, Cochin harbor and Ernakulam junction. Once here, you can always hire local transport and reach Aranmula.

By Road
Cochin is well connected by a wide network of roads and Aranmula is easily accessible once you reach Cochin.



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