How can you be benefitted listening to Ram Katha & Pravachans

Ram Katha Can eternally change anyones life and can be proved with this story.

Nikumbh and his son Rikhabh were the renowned dacoit and barbarian (assassinator) and they were used to looting treasure and assassinating innocent people brutally. People were drastically scared of them. When Nikumbh was taking his last breathe called Rikhabh and advises him that he never listen Ram Katha and Pravachan.

One day Rikhabh heard about huge treasure arrived in the kingdom and planned to loot. He departed with his commandos for looting the treasure. While he was on the way he saw Ram Katha (Pravachan) was going on their way. He dumped cotton inside his ears and started running fast to avoid hearing Pravachan. While passing, one iron sting pierced in his legs and he had to stay for getting rid of the iron sting but he heard two sentence of Pravachan namely “God or Goddess never have their shadows and truth always win”.

Rikhabh looted treasure and packed into a bag, loaded bag on the seat of the kingdom horse and returned his home. Since the kingdom horse could cause great problems, he chopped horse into pieces and buried chopped pieces inside the Basement of his house.

The king ordered his commander for immediate tracing out the dacoit. Commander failed to find out the dacoit and surrendered his inability. King was shocked and sad. Meanwhile Sunayna, wife of commander who was very brave and cunning (clever) requested king to give her the responsibility and assured the king that she will find out the dacoit and treasure immediately.

Sunayana thought that the dacoit must have killed the kingdom horse and quitted his chopped pieces somewhere in his house, she started going to each and every house of the village and begging some dead horse meat for surviving her only son who was ailing some drastic disease as advised her by some saint. During her such door to door campaign she reached to the dacoit Rikhabh’s house and begged the same. During her conversation with Rikhabh she sensed and came to conclusion that Rikhabh dacoit and left with a planning that she will again visit his house late night.

She reached Rikhabh’s house with a look of Goddess Durga and told him if he would not give her chopped pieces of horse she will incinerate him. Rikhabh was badly afraid and told her to follow him to his dungeon. While Sunayana was walking ahead of him, Rikhabh saw that there were her shadow moving around and he immediately recalled those pravachan he heard that God/Goddess never have their shadows at the Ram Katha / Pravachan spot. Rikhabh understand her and immediately he also killed her and buried her chopped pieces at the same Basement of his house.

In the next morning Rikhabh thanked God that the first lesson of pravachan he heard has saved his life. He also decided to taste the second lesson of pravachan he heard that truth always win. He reached to the palace and met the king where he committed that he is the dacoit who looted the treasure, horse and killed the horse and the wife of the commander. The king was surprised and asked him how he is not afraid of accepting all such dangerous allegations for which he might be punished with death sentence. Rikhabh replied that he has heard in pravachan that the truth always win and therefore he uttered the truth and for that he had no regret and also not afraid if he is hanged.

King was very glad and appreciated his courageous, bold, heroic and spirited confession of his guilty acts. Since the king was not having son but blessed with his only daughter he thought that he will not get such a courageous, bold, heroic and spirited bridegroom who can handle his empire for his daughter he accepted him got married her daughter with him and made him the emperor of his kingdom. Rikhabh was very happy for such rewards from the king and became the admirer of God, Ram Katha and Pravachan.

The lesson of the above real story is that we must have faith, devotness in God and follow the teachings with full devotion given to us through Pravachanas.

Author: Shambhu Nath Drolia

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