The five elements of universe (PANCHTATVA)

According to our Indian Mythology ‘PANCHTATVA’ is panch + tatva which denotes five elements of universe or the “panchamahabhutas”. These are: Bhumi (Prithivi, Earth), Neer (Jal, Water), Agni (Aag, Fire), Vayu (Air) and Gagan (Space).

Panch-Tatwa means “the five mammoth elements of nature” and the whole universe is accomplished of the above five enormous elements. As per our Indian Mythology, it is spiritually believed that our body is also composed of Panch-Tatva called Pinda. These five elements are linked to our five senses which are the senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. Any disproportion in our internal and external Vastu, will transform into an unhappy situation for us in our life. Vastu teaches us to live in balance and harmony with these five elements.

The definition of five righteous traits from the five elements (tatvas) is gracefully and passionately done. Since these elements helps us in assessing our own suppressed power, inherent natural traits and character building and as we born as human beings with the combination of these five elements, it would be very useful for us if we plow/cultivate these traits available in nature through these elements in us, who are made up of these. It also helps us in removing the veil of our ego and our other mental coverage’s. In Hinduism, the human body is perceived as a combination of five basic elements of nature – earth, water, space (sky), energy (fire) and air.

These five elements of universe  (PANCH TATVA) are eternal – they can neither be created, nor destroyed – they only get recycled in the cycle of life and death of a human being. Because of this eternal character, they are considered divine, and also respected as deities. All these together form a body. When the soul leaves the body, these elements returns back to the Nature in its original state.

The entire cosmos is formed by these dynamic five elements and the composition and mix of these elements in each form – animate or inanimate – varies in degrees depending upon the structure, nature and function of the created object. Each element is individually rich with its own core embryonic energy.

Concept of Pancha Tatva


The Earth with its incredible magnetic fields and gravitational force keeps everything grounded.  Earth’s rotary motion on its axis and rebellion around the Sun is completely disciplined.

The human beings should always be well disciplined like Earth.


The source of life, water plays an important role on human beings life and is an important element. More than seventy percent of the earth is water as is the human body. It is appearing in many forms such as from rain drops to ponds, lakes, rivers, wells, brooks, streams, and the mighty oceans. This very appearance of numerous forms tells us about the basic attribute of water – that it accommodates itself in every conceivable and imaginable shape.

The human beings should take lesson from water and always be accommodative and adjustable by forgoing ego like Water.


Fire is the source of heat and light, Fire makes everything visible to us. While controlled fire is instrumental in sustenance of life, an uncontrolled fire leads to demolition. Fire is Purity as anything when put into Fire gets transformed to its immaculate form.

Thought process of human beings should be pure leading to right morals and noble.


Air is also form a powerful source and very important to sustain life. It empowers all the other energies to function. The flow of air in the form of winds is free from the limitation of directions. Air flows in different directions thereby representing Freedom.

Human beings should cherish freedom in real sense like Air and always give due dignity and space to others.


Space the ‘holder’ of everything is the basis and essence of all things in the material world. It is the very first* element in creation, is Universal.

Human beings should be universal in their approach.

Lastly, the brief understanding of the ‘panchatatva’ also guide us towards a better awareness of our environment

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