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Vishwakarma Puja Around Mid-September Vishwakarma puja is celebrated With lovely weather of early autumn and cloud spread all across the sky looks more colourful with the numerous kites floating side by side on this festive day. The festival of the God of Architecture and engineering, Biswakarma, is celebrated in September by industrial houses, artists, craftsmen, and weavers.

According to mythology it is he who created the entire universe as well as the heaven and the earth. Bishwakarma is also credited for creating the missiles used in the mythological era, including the Vajra the sacred weapon of Lord Indra, from the bones of sage Dadhichi. He is regarded as the supreme worker, the very essence of excellence and quality in craftsmanship.

Bishwakarma revealed the sciences of industry to man and is thus the patron god of all the workers and engineers providing them with courage and inspiration. All over the country factories, workshops and manufacturing units are in festive mood. Shop spaces are cleared to make way for the deity. The Lord on the back of his appurtenance (bahana), the elephant, holds in his four hands, a water-pot, the Vedas, a noose and craftsman’s tools.

The rituals are followed by the distribution of “prasad”. The yearly feast is cooked, where the workmen and the owners lunch together. Throughout the day colourful kites are flown. The sky fills up with all shades and colours. Chadials, Mombattis, Chowrangees, Petkattas, Mayurpankhis, Baggas fly high to establish the skills of the fliers. The sky becomes a war zone with the discarded kites dropping every now and then with the cry of “Bho-Kattaaa” from the distant roofs or parks.

Bishwakarma puja is an inspiration for many to create new products and increase productivity for the working class. The workers at many places make resolutions to perform better from this auspicious day.

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