Vrat Recipes – Upvaas Recipes for Fasting

During Shivratri, Janmashtami, Navratri and many more Festivals we Indians use to prepare various Food for Vrats. These Vrat Recipes are prepared in almost every Indian Household in every occasion where it is desired. It is our tradition to eat this specially prepared food along with our family members. These foods assumes a unique taste, which not only fulfill our Stomach but our Souls too.

During Shivratri we prepare foods like Phaphar ki Roti, Aalu sangar ki sabzi,  Aalu ka halwa,  Kuttu ki puri etc. Likewise in Janmashtami, we prepare Dhaniya ka panjiri, Nariyal ki Barfi etc.

Here we are Listing some Popular Vrat Recipes from YouTube. Hope you Like it

Aloo ka Halwa Recipe | Potato Halwa Vrat Recipe

Aloo Saagar Potato Vrat Recipe

Fasting Recipes – Kuttu ke Aate ki Puri

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