What is faith in God

You must have thought what is faith in god. You have several questions. Like:

What is relationship with god?

Who is the supreme god?

What is world of gods?

Have you ever asked from your inner self that what is god? No, you never thought a second about the god. You just walk the same path that others do i.e. blind path with foolish superstitions. You follow their rituals and always got confuse in the end that what you are doing and then again doing the same thing as every other man is doing this.

What is faith in God
Have faith in god

Just think……

When you were last time on the road, you missed an accident just by a whisker….

You don’t have money for your loved ones operation and suddenly you have arranged the money….

You always come out from dangerous situation quite easily…..

There may be so many examples which can tell you that you are just helped by someone. Now it’s your turn to find out that who he is. Then you can understand what is faith in god.

God never help us himself, rather he chooses somebody to help us. Then he may be our friends and relatives or some stranger. He can be anyone. But one thing for sure is that he will help you.

What I mean to say is that don’t try to find him in sacred places. Search for him in your actions and reactions, situation and condition. Then you will easily figure out that he just helped you in this way.

There is one story….

A stranger was trekking through some mountain in night. Suddenly he slipped. He has fallen from very High Mountain. He was constantly going down at a rapid pace.  He prayed to god to save him. But he was consistently falling down. After a point he found that he was hanging to something through his clothes.

Then suddenly god’s voice came. God said “Do you believe in me?” he replied yes I do.

God says “Then will you do whatever I say” He again replied yes.

Then god asked him to get his cloth out from that hanger. Then the main replied that doing this, he will certainly fall down and eventually will die. What kind of help this is?

God said then “Its upto you” and he left. Next morning villagers find that man died hanging to a tree which is just 10 feet high. He died due to cold and tension.

So what do you understand? If that man has listened to him he might not be dead. But he don’t have real faith in god. So he died.

So the outcome is that when you believe in god then you must have your complete faith in him. He will always help whenever you are in need, by whatever means he can.

Doing this you will find that god is everywhere and within your reach. You just needed to recognize him. He will never come right in front of you and tell you that I am god and believe in me. You will have to find your own way out.


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