What makes Hindi Bhajan so close to our heart

Bhajan Bhajan can be explained as a spiritual song containing words expressing love for God and also praise for God.  Bhakti or divine love for god is expressed through it through its lyrics. Its a path of connecting one with the almighty.

Since ancient times, It has been listened by Raja’s and Maharaja’s. Their Darbaar has performers to present Bhajan for the mass. It is deeply associated with Indian Culture. Kabir Das, Meera Bai, Narsi Bhagat, Nanak, Narottam Das, Surdas, Tulsidas and many more. All played significant role in evolution of Bhajan. Their lyrics have taken devotees heart through a divine ride. It has a reach, which extends right from North to South of India and also East to west. Every region has its own language to sing Bhajan. Even though language can’t be understand, but can penetrate into our heart because it has a Divine Feelings attached to it. The tradition of  Bhajans (singing songs in praise of God and his divine love and simplicity) in India, particularly in South India.


Bhajan has many forms. It can be:

  • Sufi qawwali
  • Kirtan,
  • Chantings
  • Shloks and Mantras
  • Nirguni Bhajan
  • Baul Songs of Bengal
  • Raas Bhajan of Krishna
  • Aarti
  • Rajasthani Folk Bhajan
  • Dhamaal etc..

Bhajan have different colors in different region. In north India popular form is raas song, Bhakti Sangit. In east it is Baul sangeet, In South it has different color, While west is in form of Rajasthani devotional song

Popular Bhajan writers.

Sant Kabir Das’s Popular Bhajans:

·         Chadaria Jhini Re Jhini

·         Kabir ke Dohe

Tinka kabahu na rondiye, paav tale jo hoye

Kabahu udd aankho pade, peed gehri hoye

Baba Bulleh Shah

  • Aa Mil Yaar
  • Rain Gayi Latke Sab Taare
  • Tera Naam Dhyayi Da


·         Mane Chakar Rakho Ji

·         Mharo pranam banke bihari ji

·         Payo jimaine

·         Meera magan bhai hari ke gun gaaye


·         Shri Ramachandra Kripalu Bhaju Man

·         Tumaka Chalata

·         Baso More Nainan Me

·         tum meri rakho laaj hari


·         Main Nahi Makhan Khayo

·         Dinanath Ab Baari Tumhari

·         Sabse oonchi prem sagaai

Everyone has his own flavor of bhajan. It possesses a distinctive quality and divinity.

Every Temple starts their day with Mangala Aarti. It is done to wake up god by chanting mantras and ringing bells all through. Then several prayers are offered in the form of bhajan to praise god. 

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