What Meditation Does For You

What is meditation?
Wikipedia perfectly describes meditation as “a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.” It is a state of mind where the mind immerses itself in a sub-conscious state helping it realize its full potential.

Meditation is something that provides you a complete peace of mind. Although it has evolved to be referred to a broad set of practices that help the mind and the body enter a deep state of relaxation, extract the internal force of the mind and realize the full potential of oneself. It is said that meditation happens when the mind clears itself from all the tensions and unnecessary thoughts and agitations and is as calm as the silence after the storm. In a state of meditation you will be at peace with yourself. It is at this stage that you are said to be in a deep state of meditation.

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History and evolution of meditation

The earliest usage references to the word “meditation” were found in the Hindu religious scriptures. The word ‘dhyan’ or meditation was prominently used in the vedas to showcase the importance of the term. Although, the earliest written references were found in the Hindu religious scripture, the proponent of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha brought it into the common knowledge of the people. Until then, it was only thought to be a technique used by the wise men. Slowly, it caught on with the other religions of the world as well. Today, meditation has evolved into a helpful technique for various other purposes.

There are numerous benefits of meditation. Like the body needs to be cleaned for external hygiene and the stomach needs to be cleaned with proper food, the mind also needs to be cleaned with timely meditation. It keeps your mind clean, stable and peaceful. Meditation helps you achieve unbelievable levels of mental hygiene. Some of the specific benefits of meditation are:

• Thorough concentration

• A calm mind

• Clarity of perception

• Stable communication

• Thoughtful decision making

• Bringing out skills and talents

• Relaxation

• Inner strength

• Rejuvenation

With the advancement of technology and increased pace of life, it is becoming more and more important to have a peaceful calm mind. In the midst of utter chaos, the one who keeps calm and makes carefully thought decisions is the one who succeeds in the end. Meditation is a luxury, everyone can afford and everyone must afford.

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