When Doctor found Lord Ram in Sai – Sai Baba Satcharitra

Sai Baba Satcharitra

Sai Baba has always been a guiding force for his devotees. He takes utmost care of his devotees and disciples. Here is a short story about one of his devotee Doctor.

Once upon a time, one Sai Baba Devotee, asked his Doctor friend to accompany him to Shirdi. But he refused saying that he is a follower of Lord Ram and and will not come with him to Shirdi to offer his prayer for someone else. Listening this, his friend told him and assured him that no one will make him bound to offer prayers or bow his head infront of Sai Baba. Assuring this they went to Shirdi together.

Reaching Shirdi, the devotee friend found that the doctor is the first one in the line of devotees and walking very divinely with other followers. Finding this huge change in his doctor friend, he asked doctor about this and then the Doctor replied that that he has seen Lord Ram in space of Sai Baba in that place and that’s why he he offered his prayer to him. He got a glimpse of Lord Ram there.

As doctor was saying this, suddenly again he got to see Sai Baba. Then the doctor got confused and thought that whether he is into any dream or not.

From the next day, he started keeping fasting and also took the oath that he will not go inside the Mosque till Sai Baba himself, calls him.
Like this Three days passed by and still no response. Then on the fourth day, one of his old friend arrived from other state. He went to mosque with his friend. After initial offerings, Baba enquired doctor about who called him here? Listening to these words doctor started crying and fall on the feet ot of Baba and became disciple and deep follower of Sai Baba from then onwards.

Doctors’s life was completely transformed from then onwards. He became true disciple of Sai Baba.

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