What Hanuman Ji is Doing This With Sindur?

Hanuman Ji

We see Hanuman Ji covered with Sindur. Devotees offer him sindur and that is applied all over his body. In every temple of Hanuman ji, you will find him in sindur.

Why Hanuman Ji is offered sindur?

Supporting this fact, there is a very interesting story, as mentioned in ‘Adbhut Ramayan’. This goes like this……

One day while wandering Lord Hanuman saw, Maa Sita putting Sindur on her head. It is a ritual in India, all married woman follows.  It is believed that it helps their husbands to lead a long life. Watching this, Lord Hanuman asked anxiously to Maa Sita, why she is doing this and the purpose of this. Without being particular on this question, she replied after a pause that she has done this for the long life of Ram and to impress him. This makes Lord Ram happy.

This answer has a strong impact on the mind of Hanuman. He began to think that, if applying just a little bit of Sindur, can do so much wonders, than what if he apply it to all his body. Then Lord Ram will be happier and will have a very long life. He began to cover his body with sindur and within minutes he was all covered with Sindur over his body.

He then advanced towards Sri Ram, where he was with Maa Sita. Watching Hanuman’s, Sindur covered body, Lord Ram started smiling. He asked Hanuman why he has done this. Then Hanuman told him all that happened and what he thought. Listening to this, Ram became very happy. He told Hanuman that “you are my greatest devotee and nobody can ever be like you. You are pure from heart like a kid”.

He then blessed Hanuman with forever life and that he is the greatest devotee of Ram. Since then, Sindur is being offered to Lord Hanuman.

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