Yeh baba morchadi wala | Sanju Sharma Khatu Shyam Bhajan 2013

As we all know Sanju Sharma is a very talented and fully devoted Bhajan singer. This is a new Sanju Sharma Khatu Shyam Bhajan 2013 which contains beautiful and soulful  Sanju Sharma Khatu shyam Bhajan in mp3 Format.
Produced by Shree Cassettes Industries (Shyam Agarwal)

Lyrics: Ravi Kejriwal, Nirmal Jhunjhunwala, Sanju Sharma

Song List

Bhakta ko melo
Ghurlo mod leo
Jab se sharan
Kanhaiya Kanhaiya
Kanhiaya tumhi ho hamare
Yeh Baba Morchadi wala
Sanwaria aa re
Shyam Premi tu

Ghudlo Mod leo

Songs are provided for only 3 to 4 Minutes and in lower quality.
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